Friday, October 28, 2011

Hannah = Hermione or The Heart of Knitting Friday, October 28, 2011

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I have packed Hannah's Hermione's Everyday Socks and will mail them out today.

Old cheap video mailers, those cardboard mailers meant for videos (remember those?) are a nice size for hand knit socks.  I included a little note with the designer's inspiration for the socks, and some care instructions.

The thing about knitting something for a specific person is that you think about that person while you knit.  I made myself a sweater about 26 years ago.  Other than that, all my knitting/crocheting/sewing has been for others.  I sit here typing in bare feet.

So, I'm knitting these socks for my niece Hannah, and I'm thinking about her the whole time.  I am the middle child of 5.  We are all in a row, Brother, Sister, Me, Sister, then 5 years later little Sister Amie.  Hannah is the oldest child of my "little sister"  Amie.  She is right in between (age wise)  my own daughters, Allie and Samantha.  We lived all over the country when we were first married because the Doc was first in Med school, then training, then training, and so on. So, although she is close in age with my girls,  I knew Hannah mostly from photos.  Thank goodness for the internet!  Although Amie and her 3 kids live in the Mid West and we live in the Pacific Northwest, I have gotten to know them from facebook and email!  Of course it's not the same as growing up in the same town, but still, it is a way to know their interests, their talents, their loves.

My family has always been seriously in love with the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling.  I heard about the first book on NPR, bought one and read it aloud to them quite early.  My sister, Amie, did the same.  So although living so far apart, the kids have always had this mutual love of wizarding.  For her 20th birthday, Hannah got to visit the Harry Potter Theme Park in Florida.  Really, it was a dream come true for her.  So, you can see these socks are a perfect match.  Here are some photos of Hannah in Florida:

Amie is on the left, Hannah the right, standing in front of the Hogwarts Express.
Some house-themed socks they bought at Filtch's Emporium.

Knitting for others, the time involved, the thought and care in choosing the right pattern, yarn, etc.  These gifts are truly from the heart and IN the heart.  Just making these socks gave me a chance to get to know my niece better.

I hope she enjoys them.

C. A. Losi

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