Saturday, July 16, 2011

OUCH! 7.16.11

The final Harry Potter movie (The Deathly Hallows Part 2) opened Thursday night (Friday morning really... 12:01 am).  Why is this being reported in a knitting blog?  Other than it marks the end of my kids' childhood?  The end of our family's greatest common obsession?  The end of the phenomenon that encouraged a love of reading in millions of kids of this generation? 

Why, sitting in line for the movie for 4 1/2 hours gave me ample time to knit of course! 

Since my 2 youngest sons are out of town (James is visiting his good friend Olivier in France, and Luke is dancing at the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre School's Summer Intensive), I went to the opening with Allie and Samantha.  Allie brought crocheting, and I brought my socks.  Samantha brought the book and reread most of the 2nd half of it AGAIN.

I was able to finish the heel cups and both heels.

Why the ouch?  if you look closely at the photos, I am using new needles.  Why?  I really loved those beautiful rosewood Knit Picks needles.  However, in an effort to knit a bit tighter, I BROKE them!

Honestly, I almost cried.  First of all I dropped some stitches, then I had to transfer the ones on the broken part to a holding needle... o so carefully.  Then I had to find another size 0 circular.  Michael's?  nope.  JoAnn's?  Nope!  Pacific Fabrics?  thank goodness, Yes!  They were the only store with size 0, period, much less in circular.  But I had to go with metal needles.  I stopped using metal knitting needles when my good friend and fellow ballet mom, Maggie, got me restarted knitting.  I was amazed at how much nicer wooden needles feel.  But, all they had in size 0 circular were some 40" Addi Turbo Circular Knitting Needles.  I was nervous, but, wow, I love them!  I can knit super tightly, also, because I don't have to worry that I am going to break them.  They are a bit more slippery, but I am getting used to their "feel."  I think I will order some more in even smaller sizes.

So my OUCH! and some fabulous Harry Potter 3-D (yes, I got a pair of the commemorative 3-D HP glasses), has brought me this far with the Allie Socks:

 This shows the one finished heel and the other with the heel cup.  Can't wait to start the legs.

Maybe I will knit while I re-watch the Deathly Hallows part 1.  I totally feel the need to see that movie again. 


C. A. Losi

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