Thursday, July 14, 2011

Confessions of a Blockhead 7.14.11

Last night, I made a quick post because I was so excited that I had blocked my Summer Mystery Shawlette and matching socks.

Part of the reason I was so excited was, drum roll.... I HAVE NEVER BEFORE BLOCKED ANYTHING.  Ok, I mostly crocheted afghans or knitted socks, and really why block socks?  Just wear them...

But, wow, you can see the lace pattern so much better now that it's blocked.  I posted this before, but here is the shawlette and socks unblocked:

Here is a close up of the Blocked Shawlette:

The color washed out a bit, but you can see the pattern pretty well. And here is a close up of the unblocked shawlette:

 Wow, what a difference.  I am sold on blocking (lace at least), and am now an official BlockHead.

On to other projects.

I am still knitting the gussets on the socks for Allie.  It's been pretty busy around here... I'm not sure with what, probably playing computer games.  She came over to try them on and said they felt loose... ouch.  I shall continue on with them anyway.  When I get the gussets finished (today!!!), I will take a photo, then another with completed "heel cups,"  and then heels.  I love being able to document every bit of progress in my knitting projects.

I just received an invitation to my Great Nephew's 5th birthday party, and my niece's baby shower.  Not sure I will make something for Zach (maybe some quick socks, but then I'll have to buy him a toy, too...), but I would love to actually make something for Katie, or her new baby.  Why do my nieces keep having boys?

O, speaking of boys, I posted a photo of the Poet Shirts I made for my sons for their ballet performance, but I also wanted to post a photo of them in the shirts.  They HATED them.  LOL.  They both complained that the shirts were too puffy.  Decide for yourself:

Enough blogging for the day.  I need to increase some gussets!

C. A. Losi

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