Wednesday, May 11, 2016

2nd Wed in May

We had a rather smallish group at Crossroads tonight for Wednesday night knitting, but it was just what I needed.   I am rather stressed out this week as we are doing state testing at my school (the 3 days of math testing in my classroom starts tomorrow), my brother's health continues to fade, and my daughter, Allifer, is having lasic surgery on Friday.  Also, my students have decided that they will just talk non-stop no matter what I do to get their attention.  Anyway, it has been a stressful week.  And, it is just Wednesday.  But knitting with my friends is the best stress relief I know.

Wireknitter brought this beautiful shawl for show and tell. The construction seems pretty interesting, and with the lace mesh sections, it should make a lovely light-weight summer wrap.
We had two "junior" Eastside Stitchers tonight.  Above is the beginning of a snowman that Chelsea is knitting, and below is Anuwizard's lace swatch.  She is practicing knitting lace because she wants to make a cowl for her mom's birthday.

Chelsea also got to model a finished Age of Brass and Steam that KnitterTinkerer has finished

ReadnitDream brought the Outlander inspired shawl she is knitting for a KAL.
Hvrdmnky is knitting a shawl.  The first section is sort of triangular.
This is Wireknitter's project, a slipstitch shawl.
GwenS brought this baby sweater.  No, it is not for CeeCee, but for another friend who is expecting.  Yes, CeeCee was present at knitting, but not actually present... Since she is not quite out!

The beautiful Addie brought HER baby, Susie, to visit with us at knitting,
Ratz, who was knitting Summer Flies?  It was Wajio. 
VanesaPolo was also knitting a Gramps sweater (see GwenS above), but I missed getting a photo, and I'm really bummed because it was super cute!
shaping the planet in a stress free environment.  And, yes, I swear it's a shawl.

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