Tuesday, May 17, 2016

things are complicated.

First, my brother is still alive. Its so hard to tell. He has good days, then a bad day. Im still down here because he asked me to stay. Ill come home tonight, knowing i may have to fly back at a moment's notice.

The other thing is that my dad is also sick, and now in the hospital. He had the "flu," or what he called the flu with chills and body aches. Then, suddenly, his shoulder is killing him and he cant raise his right arm without gasping in pain. He says its "arthritis" that suddenly attacked him. Honestly. He is in such pain, that we finally get him to agree to go to the doctor who wisely sends him straight to the e.r. well, it seems he has had burning pee for 3 f-ing weeks, but never said anything, because he thought it would go away on its own. What is wrong with men?! so he is being treated for a urinary tract infection

Anyway, that should be relatively easy to fix.


O , i love my partner teacher, Aaron, who is copying my lesson plans and worksheets, and my aide, who will help the sub for my classes, and my knitting friends, who are sending such positive thoughts.

And welcome, finally, to Cee Cee. Its about time! You are much anticipated, and loved.
Peace ,

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