Saturday, October 10, 2015

Surprise Fiber Friday

We cut the hedge that lines our backyard (ok, we had the hedge cut by professionals), and now you can see the lake much better.  This is what it looks like at about 6:30 am.  I live in paradise a really rainy place that you don't want to move to.

So, on Wednesday, I didn't make it to the regular meet up of the Eastside Stitchers because I was teaching a mini-class in Crochet for Knitters at the Seattle Knitters Guild.  All day my students had been asking, "are we having a quiz tomorrow?"  I kept saying, "no, we have quizzes on Friday."  Thursday morning, when I got to school, the teacher I work with first  period had a quiz ready.  "Uh, Carol, we don't have school tomorrow."  I really need to pay better attention to the District Calendar. But, YIPPEE!!  I got to go to Fiber Friday!
BlueBerryMary was crocheting moccasins.  Super idea for a Christmas gift.

CathieC brrought the scarf she is knitting for the Scoreboard KAL. For this KAL, you choose your favorite football team, and then knit a representation of the score for each of their games this season.  Cathie has chosen to follow her old high school, Penn Hills.  The red represents her team, the gold the opponent each week, and she is knitting a white stripe to separate each game.  Cathie is not actually using the pattern for the KAL, but is using a different pattern with a reversible cable and all I can say is it is looking really cool.
Wajio is starting a hat for the Methow Valley Fire Survivors.

SpinningLizzy was wearing her Endless Circles Vest by Julie Farmer.
She brought her Tropfen scarf to work on.
Constance also brought a hat for the Methow Valley Fire Survivors.  She is using the Be Seen pattern donated by StevenBe to this charity effort.

After knitting with the Fiber Friday group, I went home and hung out with Moogie.  She studied for the GRE while I knit.  Then Moogie made dinner.  She is still working her way through Ottolenghi, the Cookbook, so we had Seared Pistachio and Citrus Crusted Tuna with Peas and Carrots cooked with Star Anise and Cinnamon. 

What an amazing day.

shaping the planet in paradise.

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