Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fiber Club

I have started a club for knitting and crochet at the middle school where I am an instructional aide.  The club meets on Monday afternoons and we have about 8 members.  Not all the members can come every week, as Rocketry club meets every other Monday, and some are in that club, too.  Stupid rockets!  We have quite a few members who are experienced at either knitting or crochet and some who know both.  We don't have Ravelry accounts, though I hope they will be able to do this soon, as Ravelry is a MUST for serious fiber people, so I can't name my members, but I wanted to show you what people were working on this week.

This first photo is of a crocheted granny square.  This member is a knitter who is learning to crochet.  She has mastered the chain, and now the double crochet stitch.  After finishing her square, she decided to do a knit project next, so this week she cast on a hat for her baby sister.
One of the experienced crocheters decided to try working with crochet thread, and see if she can make some lace.
This is a GINORMOUS garterstitch scarf.  I have no idea if this knitter will actually make it long enough to be a real scarf or if she will get tired and start a new project.  But, Go For It!
This last project is another large garter stitch scarf, not quite as ginormous as the one above, but pretty wide.  I need to teach these kids the purl stitch so they can try ribbing.  But right now, they all seem so happy just getting together to work on their projects.
shaping the planet with new stitchers.

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