Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Last Wednesday in October

A nice group braved our regular Autumn drizzle to knit at the faux wood tables at Crossroads tonight.  We had Emma, Addie and Rory as special guests (and VanesaPolo) as the evening began. 

This blurry photo is an action shot of GwenS frogging about 2 inches of her Harvest cardigan.  When she tried it on for us to tell her how much more she needed to knit before starting the border, we said, um you should have started the border 2 inches ago.  By the end of the evening, she had picked up and was again knitting forward.

Hrvdmnky was sewing snaps on a toddler sweater.  She is making these sweaters for the twins and older sister (and sister's doll) of a good friend.  Here is the older sister's sweater, and the matching (but sparkly) doll sweater.
Wireknitter, having frogged a few inches of this beautiful shawl, is back to knitting forward.  The pattern is Sand Layers by Lisa Hannes.
SpinningLizzy's Tropfen scarf by Jana Huck has a complicated history that involves cutting off a section.  But, I am happy to report that the knitting is going forward on this project again, too.
Pamela2708 is making really good progress on her Lineas Cowl by Elizabeth Suarez.
KelleyR has cut her socks and finished one of the afterthought heels and the sock fits beautifully.
Tara1682 is knitting away on her drop stitch wrap (sorry, Tara, I forget the pattern's name).
I brought two swatches to practice my embroidery embellishments.  We had a really nice program on Monday at the Eastside Knitters Guild on embroidering on your knits, and I thought I would give it a try.
shaping the planet with embroidered knits.

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