Saturday, October 24, 2015

Heigh Ho!


I finished the Dwarf hats and beards that I have been making for Halloween.  I'm not sure  if I wrote about it here, but my department at school decided to dress up as Snow White and the 7 Dwarves on the understanding that I would make the Dwarf hats and Beards.

I decided to crochet all of the hats because they need to be extra long and droopy.  I also crocheted the beards using the Loop stitch that I used to make the lion's mane on this afghan square:

So, here are the 7 hats:
I have already sewn the bear onto the first one, but I might not sew the beards on the others.  I'm thinking that each hat/beard combination needs to fit just right, so I really can't sew everything without the people trying them on.  I'm thinking that safety pins will work ok.

Here are the beards:
Well, the above photo shows the 5 that aren't sewn on.  I didn't want to get bored hooking them, so I made each one unique.

There are 6 because, in the Disney tradition, Dopey doesn't have a beard.  The sad thing is that I will be gone the day before Halloween, so I won't get to see everyone dressed up with the hats and beards.  The happy thing is that I will miss because I will be at the Ft. Worden Knitting Retreat!  Anyway, I will try to get someone to take a photo of the team in their costumes and post it here.

shaping the planet with a Heigh Ho Ho Ho!

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