Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Fest Fashion Show at Acorn Street Yarn Shop


This is going to be an amazing weekend for me.  Tonight, I attended the Fall Fest Fashion Show at Acorn Street Yarn Shop.  Tomorrow and Sunday I am taking 4 classes on spinning and judging fleece with Judith MacKenzie at Fiber Fusion Northwest in Monroe, Washington.

The fashion show at Acorn Street Yarn Shop was really fun.  I knitted one of the shop samples that was featured in the show, as did some of my Eastside Knitters friends.  The show was really well thought out.  There was a wonderful balance of knitwear on display from hats to shawls to skirts.  Not only were there quick gift ideas, some in chunky yarns for fast knitting, but there were just beautiful and creative patterns on display.  Many of the featured yarns are new to the shop.  We were able to try on the garments or just feel the yarns after the show.  The refreshments were delicious.

One of the featured items was the Yoke Cowl by VanesaPolo.  It looked beautiful in Malabrio Rios.  Coincidentally, Vanesa and I both were wearing OUR Yoke Cowls, too.  I love how quickly it knits up, how easy the pattern is, and that it takes only 1 skein of worsted weight yarn.

VanesaPolo also knit a store sample for the fashion show, a Polar Vortex by Kay Hopkins.

GwenSchweitzer knit the Magnum Capelet #3 by Karen Clements.  There were a couple of these short cape style knits in the show.  They look very cozy and wearable. 
One of the stars of the show was the vest knit by JitteryKnitter.  She did a wonderful job with the Plain Vest by Erika Knight.
Of course the real star of the show was Petunia modeling Tiffany by Sharon Sebrow.
My contribution was the Daybreak shawl by Stephen West that I knit in August.
There was a really nice Boxy sweater by Joji Locatelli that I tried on and I thought looked pretty good.  Also the Rimrock Cardigan by Anna Cohen in Imperial Yarn Erin was beautiful and looked nice on me.  The show was both a huge temptation and an inspiration.  I bought some Nordlys yarn to make a striped Hitchhiker shawlette by Martina Behm.

Ok, off to bed.  I need to get up and on the road early for my first spinning class with Judith MacKenzie tomorrow morning.  I should be home in time to post about my classes tomorrow night, but we shall see how tired I am. 

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