Monday, November 19, 2012

Two Cats and a Surprise


This weekend I attended two classes taught by Cat Bordhi, of the legendary Sweet Tomato Heels and Mobius Cast on fame.

The classes were held through my LYS, Serial Knitters.  The Sweet Tomato Heels class was on Saturday.  It was FULL.

My Eastside Stitchers buddy, GwenS, came, too, and I got a chance to meet her Malabrigo Junkies buddy, k2togkate.  Students sported the most beautiful knitwear.  Bionickristie wore her Different Lines by
Veera Välimäki.

The class was fast and fun and informative.  Cat is a very thorough teacher.  She gives lots of visual examples with great memory tricks.

BTW (by the way) the part of a stair that hangs over the corner of the tread and riser is called the "nosing."

She broke our group into small groups sessions, then walked around the room checking everyone's work, repeatedly, one by one, to be sure everyone understood what was going on.

She has great videos of how to do her heel on her website.

In addition to the heel, we also learned how to start a toe up sock with a Turkish Cast on
And began socks with Star Toes.  Expect more on this in later blogs, as I have started a pair for my brother.

The class on Sunday was on Mobius Knitting, and especially, on Designing Mobius knits.  The mobius structure is really interesting for designing, because there is no inside and outside, there is only one continuous side.  Anything you design should take this into account, and so all patterns must not have one obvious right or wrong side.  We talked about playing around with textures and patterns.  This is one of the fun things about Cat's own designs.  She likes to take an idea,

then keep stretching it, playing with it,

seeing what it can do, what else she can make.
Even so, during the class, one of the students, Claire, discovered something NEW about mobius knitting.  Yes, you read it here first!  Like many great discoveries, it started with a mistake, or not really a mistake but with trying something slightly different for one purpose, and getting a completely different result.  Serendipity.  This is about all I can say about what happened, except that Cat got really excited, and called in Jeny Staimen, of Jeny's Suprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.
Since Jeny lives close by, she came down to examine the Surprise, and stayed to give us a demonstration of her Metamorph cowl. 

It was really fun to be where knitting history was being made.  Expect more about this Surprise in the future, hopefully, patterns, etc. maybe even a book.

Stay safe and well,

shaping the future with..... shhhhhhhhh!  a secret surprise

O, in case you haven't figured it out, I am the 2nd cat. 

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