Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Sunny Days


I'm in Phoenix, Arizona for a few days, spending Thanksgiving with my husband's family and 2 of my own kids, Moogie and Himes.

I just took 2 apple pies out of the oven and put in 2 pumpkin pies, and while I wait for those to bake, I am trying to finish the heels of my Snape's Stockings

that I am knitting for the Doc, and for my HPKCHC History of Magic OWL (and also SolidSocks and SKA... are they a threefer or a fourfer?)

Today, my Father in Law, Himes, Moogie,

and I went to visit my Mother in Law's grave.  I miss her dreadfully.  She was a lovely woman, and a wonderful mother in law and Grandma to my kids.  We are thinking of you, Jeannie, and so wish you were celebrating this day of family with us.

Stay safe and well,

shaping the planet with 4 pies and a bit of a hole in her heart.

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