Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Super Crowded Night for Eastside Knitters

We had quite a long table of knitters, and one crocheter, at Crossroads tonight.  Before I try to match up the projects with the Rav names, I thought I would show you my newest design.  It's a seamed wrap.  I knit it out of Stonehenge Fiber Mill's Shepherd's Wool, in Blue Spruce.  I'm still working on a name, and I need to redo the cable chart, but writing up the instructions shouldn't bee too tough.  I've worn it twice already, and I just love it.

But, enough about me.  Who was stitching at Crossroads tonight?

JitteryKnitter is knitting ssomething, a cowl? She brought a few projects tonight, but this was the one I snapped a photo of...
BlueBerryMary is working on socks.  Isn't her "shoe" knitting bag the perfect sock project bag?
Dreamweaver19 is knitting leg warmers.
Night Orchid was hooking booties for her daughter's stuffed animal.
Pamela2708 was finishing the vest she is knitting for her Master Knitter Level I class.
KnitterTinkerer is working on the most beautiful knitted lace circular shawl.
The beautiful Anya was drawing.
Pamela2708 brought her beautifully crafted  vest.
GwenS was tinking at the end, but knitting enough on this beautiful shawl to keep it moving forward.

Puzan is designing a three color cowl.
Ashlemae joined us from Cal Poly San Luis Obisbo.  She was hooking a puzzle ball.
ReadnitDream was knitting a gradient shawl with yarn that she dyed and spun herself.
DomesticShorthair has made huge progress on her Breakfast Coat.  It's beginning to look like some amazing origami piece, that when folded correctly will be a wearable coat!
Hrvdmnky was knitting something with sparkly yarn.  Too bad the sparkles don't photograph well.
WireKnitter was also tinking a bit, but she seemed to get her project straightened out, and was back to knitting lace.
DomesticShorthair also brought her finished Cabled Pillbox hat to show and tell.  This hat is simply gorgeous.
CrunchyNumbers brought her finished (all but  blocking) Nurmilintu shawl. 

And, yes, there is one more knitter who joined us tonight, Chibirat is knitting a brioche scarf.
It's super squishy and warm looking.

shaping the world in yarn.

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