Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Last Wednesday in April or...

Last Wednesday before our Spring Retreat Weekend!!

Ok, don't blame me (but then who would you blame?) but my phone was dying so I only got pictures of about half the people who showed up tonight.  I really need to get a car charger.  I don't know why some days my phone is still half charged when I get home from work, and other days, it has about 5% charge...
so who came to Crossroads tonight to knit? 

Dreamweaver19 brought her leg warmers.
I'm pretty sure this is Pamela2708 starting a new project.

Wajio was repurposing a thrift store sweater.
BlueberryMary is making good progress on her heart socks.
Domesticshorthair has got to be almost finished with her bed jacket.
I think this is my friend Lyla starting a new baby hat.
GwenS brought her beautiful 3 color cashmere shawl.
Anuwizard was knitting a snowman.
I brought my 2nd round sock madness socks.  I'm half-way down the feet, and trying to finish them tonight...
Who else was there that I missed photographing because of my dead phone?  let's see if I remember them without the project photos.
VanesaPolo was knitting something for Acorn Street's upcoming fashion show.
CrunchyNumbers was there, not sure what she was working on.
ReadnitDream was knitting a shawl with the softest yarn in the world.  It was Yak, and a beautiful brown.
I think that was everyone.
Really, a fun crowd, as usual.
I will try to post from the retreat this weekend.




shaping the planet with easter egg dyed fiber.

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