Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Restful Wednesday Evening

Sock Madness has started, and I am definitely going mad about socks.  I haven't knit any socks since last summer, and I am loving knitting these socks!  The first pattern (Round 1 is the qualifying round where you have to finish a pair in 2 weeks) is a slip stitch pattern, and I love how my fraternal socks are coming out.  BUT... in order to get them finished in time to qualify to be put in a bracket, I have dropped all other knitting, and am just knitting on these socks.  And, for me what is worse, I have been drinking caffeine to stay up past 9 pm so I can stay on my schedule.  I want to post my finished socks tomorrow.  I have 5 more rounds of the legs to do tonigh
t, then the ribbing tomorrow.  I stayed up until midnight the last 3 nights.  This and waking at 5 am to hit the gym before work is basically killing me.  Once these are turned in, I can get some sleep, and get back to work on my center cable wrap and finish the testing of my Triangle Club Scarf.    All that and teaching, too!

Thank goodness for my Eastside Stitchers buddies.  They are keeping me grounded while all I want to do is go crazy with this competition.

We had a small group at Crossroads tonight, the weather has turned and it is c-o-l-d again.  But the talk was about Hamilton, the Musical and knitting, and what could be better than those two things!

Puzan is knitting a shawl using self-striping yarn from Caterpillargreen yarns.
JitteryKnitter is working on a Scowl.
Pamela is also using self striping yarn and is knitting this lovely zigzag scarf.
Wajio is making good progress on a Summer Flies shawlette.
Gwen is knitting a three color cashmere shawl by Joji Locatelli.
Anerenbe was positively cranking out a hat.
And, CrunchyNumbers is seeing light at the end of her Nurmilintu.

We had a great discussion about Hamilton, and of course, knitting.

shaping the planet while falling asleep

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