Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Is it the caffeine?


I've been in such a good mood lately.  I mean, I'm usually in a good mood, but it seems like I should be crazy stressed out with the job change, but I'm still feeling really positive.  I'm really really enjoying teaching  both of my courses.  I love the challenge of the General Ed. Algebra I class, and I just love Algebra.  The Gifted Geometry class is much harder for me as there is not much in the way of curriculum, and I am doing a lot of research, and creating much of my own materials, but that is really fun, too.  Of course, the kids are great.  I know the Algebra classes already because I was the Instructional Aide in those 2 classes, but the 90+ kids in the Geometry class are new to me.  It has been really fun getting to know them. 

On top of all this school work, I am knitting like crazy.  When I was an aide, I was able to bring my knitting to school, and knit on breaks and at lunch, etc.  Those days are over.  Even when I'm on a break, or during my planning periods, I am working.  The prep work for these 2 classes is a bit heavy since I took over mid stream.  I am getting my knitting and crocheting in before and after work, and on weekends.  I try to get everything finished AT work, and come home and relax.  It doesn't always work out (like tonight...I still need to finish up the materials for tomorrow's Algebra class), but usually I am able to come home and relax with my knitting.

This is especially important for me on Wednesday nights.  I don't want to miss meeting up with the Eastside Stitchers at Crossroads.  We had a smaller group tonight, but since Anuwizard brought the Girl Scout cookies that we had ordered last month, it paid off.

Speaking of Anuwizard, she was knitting something in a brioche stitch out of her own handspun.
Puzan was knitting a Stash Busting Helix hat, pattern by our friend JessicaRose.
BlueberryMary  was frantically trying to finish her Lluna Shawlette (by VanesaPolo) before leaving for a trip to Haiti with her church.
I think she had 2 teeth left when she had to leave.
Chockelet was knitting a scarf/wrap that has keyholes. 
JitteryKnitter was also knitting a Lluna Shawlette, and is almost finished with the border teeth.
GwenS was knitting a brioche cowl, the Tundra Bandana Cowl.
We liked the look of this cowl so much, that GwenS suggested we do a brioche KAL during our Spring Retreat next month.  I really want to knit this.
Wajio was working on a WIP shawlette.  She is out of project bags and needs to finish something so she has room to start something new!

And, ReadnitDream was knitting a baby hat for charity.
shaping the planet with wool and ... Pasta!  This last photo is of one of the representations of the sine function that my students made this week with spaghetti.

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  1. Love your energy, Carol! I look forward to Thursday, just so I can read your blog. Brioche knitting here we come!