Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Regular Eastside Stitchers Wednesday Meet up

I have started a new job.  In fact, I started today.  The young teacher I was helping as an instructional aide has quit because of health reasons, and I have taken over his classes.  I am a bit overwhelmed as I am just getting into the swing of what he had covered with the students, and trying to plan out next week, as well as the rest of the year.  The classes are Gifted Geometry (3 classes) and Algebra I (2 classes).  I am very excited to be teaching these classes, but they are both challenging, though for different reasons.  Anyway, I did make it to Crossroads for the regular Wednesday meet up of the Eastside Stitchers, but as I am very tired, this post will be fairly quick.

BlueberryMary has started another Heart scarf.  You might remember that last week she was working on a solid red one.  She is using self striping yarn for this version.
Chockelet is knitting the Lluna Shawlette by our own VanesaPolo.
DomesticShorthair is knitting a bed jacket from a vintage pattern.
Pamela2728 has made huge progress on another vest for her Master Knitters Program.
Hrvdmnky finished another Hitchhiker.  We are joining the headless hunt this week as she hunts for some glass heads at Pier 1 Imports for both of us to use blocking our hats.
GwenS is knitting a doubleknit hat in seahawks colors.
We had a new Eastside Stitcher joining us at the pushed together square tables at Crossroads.  Chibirat was casting on a brand new project.
JitteryKnitter is also knitting the Lluna Shawlette.
Puzan is working on a scarf?  Is it another Georgetown by Laura Aylor

Anuwizard and ReadnitDream were our last 2 stitchers to show up.  Anuwizard is knitting a bright orange and yellow scarf, and I forgot to get a photo of Readnitdream's project.

shaping the planet with yarn.

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