Friday, February 19, 2016

Visiting My Brother

I'm down in Orange for a few days to visit my family and posting from my phone with all its limitations.  My mom is doing really well. She can't turn her head, but is in great spirits.  My brother is getting close to the end, but he is determined to make it to May when his oldest son will come home from college for the summer. His spirit is amazing. I was talking about watching Star Trek, Next Generation, and then how I had started Deep Space None, but not finished the show, stopping after the 3rd season. My brother motioned to remove his breathing mask, and with his very faint and labored speech told me I had to go back and finish that show, that the last 2 seasons are awesome. It's nice to know that his priorities are in order.  I've brought my Bigger On The Inside Shawl and have it now ready to bind off. Also, I'm knitting a new design of mine, I'm calling it the Center Cable Wrap for now. I couldn't make it through the stress of these visits without knitting.  I don't know how non-knitters cope. Peace.

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