Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Mystery Shawlette Part 3 6.20.11

I had to drive kids to the dentist today, so I made really good progress on the shawlette!  I am on the third iteration of part 3.  I now have only 1 repeat of the 12 stitch repeatable section in the center.  It is almost done.  The only problem is that my kindle is no longer downloading that blog.  So I am going to have to go online and check the blog and print out the instructions beyond part 3.  I hate that.  I really love reading these knitting blogs on my kindle.  I have no reason why they suddenly stop downloading.

I have made another "rose petal" in Irish lace crochet.  I am now working on a rose.  I will post some photos soon.

Trying to knit more each day.  I didn't walk today though =(  BAD GIRL.

C. A. Losi

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