Sunday, July 10, 2016

Waiting for Peter Gabriel and Sting, at Summerfest

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Hello:  My brother was a HUGE Peter Gabriel fan, from way back when he was the lead singer for Genesis, then through his solo career.  When he was dying, we found out that Peter Gabriel was going to perform at Milwaukee's Summerfest music festival, so my 3 sisters and I decided to go.  It was bittersweet listening to these two great musicians play together.  I texted my kids during the show, and posted some short videos of the concert on Instagram, but I kept wanting to text Mark.  I wanted to tell him what songs Gabriel played.  I wanted to tell him how great Gabriel still sounds.  I wanted to share the concert with him.

I saw Peter Gabriel one other time, I think it was after his first solo album came out, or maybe it was his third solo album.  Anyway, it was in a smaller place in San Diego, CA.  Of course, I went with my brother and one of my sisters.  I can't listen to Peter Gabriel without thinking of my brother.

 I hope he was with us in spirit.


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