Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Pokémon and Knitting

Puzan knits away at Crossroads ,  seemingly unaware of the Pidgey on the table waiting to be caught.

Pokémon were not the only thing happening tonight.

Anerebe is knitting a sweater by tincanknits

NightOrchid is using reclaimed yarn, 10 strands! To knit a cabled hat.

JitteryKnitter is working on a pair of socks.

Puzan is also knitting socks, toe up! She has finished the first socks and is well on the way with sock number 2.

Hvrdmnky is working on a sweater (below) and bought her finished socks to show and tell.

GwenS was working on keeping Ceecee happy, but had time to knit a fish!
BlueberryMary was starting an entrelac scarf.
So, who was there, but I missed their project?  Dreamweaver19 was there, but I was too busy catching Pokemon to remember to photograph her project.  VanesaPolo stopped by for dinner, but was not able to knit with us. And, we had a new member, TriGirlJ.  Of course I messed up the photo of her project.  It came out just too blurry to include...  I hope she comes back and knits with us again!

got to catch 'em all!

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