Wednesday, July 27, 2016

little bit of Wed.

Ok, this is LAST Wednesday's photos from Crossroads.  I got there early, took all the photos, then went off with the Board of the Eastside Knitters Guild for our regular quarterly board meeting.  By the time we finished, all most all the Eastside Stitchers had left for the night!  Then I went home, and promptly forgot to post these photos.  Do I remember who was knitting what?  Probably not, but I will give it a shot.
The beautiful lace above is Xooberknitter's.

ReadnitDream is using scraps to knit a linen-stitch scarf.
Hvrdmnky is cranking away on a baby sweater.
Wajio was starting ... charity socks?
NightOrchid is knitting a hat from reclaimed yarn, and I think the yarn is so fine that she is holding together about 10 singles!
CathieC has almost finished her beautiful shawl.
Addie was babysitting.
While Gwen finished another Aviatrix,
and Ceecee looked on.

Anya was knitting from her own handspun/handdyed yarn.
I'm pretty sure the above lace and striped shawl is by TriGirlJ.
Pamela2708 has finished her shawl.
VanesaPolo was working on a new shawl.
Puzan has finished a sock ans was working on the mate.  I want to say that she has finished that mate, and started another pair!

Ok, Off to Crossroads to take more photos!
I promise to post before I go to bed tonight... I promise.

shaping the planet with too much to do!

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