Monday, May 4, 2015

Notes from Southern California

We were sitting in my sister's yard, when we went to get more chairs.  I made a joke about the spiders hiding under the chairs, so Sue turned hers over and brushed at the webs with a stick.  She picked up a weird looking ball and said, "This is a black widow egg sack."  She teaches middle school science, so she would know this.  She ran the stick through a few more cracks and there was the spider!  It was actually a Brown Widow, she said, once she saw it.  We saw the hour glass on the abdomen, but when I tried to take a photo, it dropped off the stick and disappeared in the grass!  The brown widow is a "cousin" to the black widow and just as poisonous.  EEEEK!

My niece, Hannah, took a selfie of us to send to my daughter Moogie in New York.  When she told me she was sending the photo to Moogie, I said, "She is going to be so mad at me.  I am wearing her old boyfriend's high school T-shirt."  Sure enough, about a minute later, Hannah's phone buzzed.  It was a text from Samantha saying, "Why is my mom wearing my ex-boyfriend's shirt?"

I spent about 4 hours on Sunday with my brother.  His condition continues to progress.  I re-wrote that sentence 5 times.  I guess I am trying to find a nice way to say that ALS sucks.  The photo above is his 2 youngest kids.  As I said, ALS sucks.

Shaping the planet back home.

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