Monday, May 18, 2015

knitting at the Hyatt union Square, nyc

Hahahaha that was all I was able to post.   I have to say this hotel was AWESOME!  It has a perfect location if you are going to NYU, or just want to be in the more downtown part of NYC.  It is just off Union Square and very close to a subway station.  NYU was about a 2 block walk.  And the hotel was very nice.  The rooms are always small, and as far as I can tell, they only come with king size beds.  Himes was a good sport and shared with Poppop.  But the beds were comfortable, and the bathrooms decent size.  The staff was very helpful.  We really liked staying there, and Doc said that he would stay there again any time, even if we were coming to NY to go to shows or something else.

shaping the planet from a hotel in NYC!

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