Sunday, October 9, 2016

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Arne and Carlos of Knitted Balls, and other fun fun fun knitting books, taught a few classes at the Nordic Knitting Conference in Ballard (a neighborhood of Seattle) this weekend.  This conference happens every two years, and last time, they came too, and I didn't take a class because I thought, well, I already know how to make their Christmas Balls, but then I realized that it wasn't really about learning anything, just hanging out with them.

They were well worth hanging out with.  They are funny and fun and very unassuming.  They told stories about when they were fashion designers, and about their travels, and about just knitting in general.

I really reined it in and worked on my hat.  But I was really happy when Arne told me that my knitting looked very even.  

shaping the planet after a weekend of Nordic Knitting.

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