Thursday, February 26, 2015

OMG I'm finally posting... Eastside Stitchers Meet up

The opening photo was actually taken yesterday morning, so it is appropriate for a post about yesterday's Eastside Stitchers meet up at Crossroads in Bellevue.  The sun is rising earlier and earlier, and I am now able to catch the sun rising over the Cascade Mountains before 7 am.

I had a wonderful time at Crossroads last night.  I have been really tired on Wednesdays lately.  I have forgotten to bring my camera, and just been frazzled in general.  Yesterday was very busy, but I remembered to throw the camera into the car before I left for work.  I tutored after school, then headed over to Crossroads, but not straight to knitting.  I had to stop at the bank where I met the Past President of the Eastside Knitters Guild, the Past Treasurer of the Guild, and the new Treasurer.  We were transferring the checking account to the new officers.  Not kidding, it took an hour.  And we didn't finish.  Right at 6 pm, the computer our bank officer was using froze.  I have to go back on Saturday to finish everything off.  When we left, I headed to the round tables near Starbucks and Half-Price Books to meet the knitters.

Because I was so late arriving, I missed a few people.  But, JulieMustKnit was there with "the ugliest hat ever." 
That is Julie's name for the hat, not mine.  It is a super fun mix of textures, lace and colorwork. 

BlueBerryMary brought her linen stitch scarf.  She has discovered that she twisted the join, and is actually making a mobius cowl.  I did that once on a baby sweater and knitted quite a few inches before I discovered the twist.  I didn't have the excuse of knitting over 400 stitches, either.

Mary also brought a beautiful bit of show and tell.  She has taken some fiber from Sheep to Yarn.
Mary washed and processed the fleece using hand cards.  Then she spun it herself and with Wajio's help (and a bit of food coloring!) dyed the yarn.  It was still a bit damp and had that wonderful vinegar smell of newly dyed yarn.

CathieC is knitting a hat for St. Patrick's Day for her mom.  The shamrocks are wonderful, and the color is a perfect Kelly Green.

Speaking of green, Seahawks Action Green, GwenS is almost finished with her scarf.  I always call it her Chevron Scarf, but I know it has a real name.  I just checked her project page and it is Camptown Races.

Gwen was wearing her newly finished cowl.  It has a very cool construction.  It starts out like a shawl, but then is connected and knit in the round.
Look everyone!  Amigirl has officially finished her socks.  They are off the needles and everything.  She has started a hat in much bigger yarn.
Chockelet brought her Hitchhiker.
She has been on an absolute wave of finishing projects.  This will be another beautiful shawl for her.

It's nice to be posting again.  I'm sorry I missed VanesaPolo (well I saw her as she was leaving), and Wajio. 

shaping the planet with yarn and pointy sticks.

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