Sunday, February 8, 2015

Half Way There and Back

Muffin has taken over my Noni's afghan.

I have reached the half-way point of my double-knit There and Back Again Story Scarf by Frivolite Handicrafts.

I don't have a photo for some reason of the entire scarf so far, but I can show you the last two charts.

Chart 4 represents the house of Beorn, a man who could turn into a bear.

I must say that I really like this drawing.  It is really simple, but gets the idea of the bear across well.

The next part of the story that is shown in the scarf is Mirkwood, and the spiders.  If I remember correctly, the dwarves are captured by giant spiders, and are wrapped up in webs and suspended in trees.

The spider is a bit tough to see, but you can clearly see the dwarves hanging in the tree.  At the top of the next photo,
you can see the dead spider.  At least I think it is dead as it is upside down.
Just 10 more rows, which I should finish tomorrow, and I am onto the 7th of 11 charts.  For my NEWT (for HPKCHC)  I have to finish chart 6 by the end of February, so I am doing really  well.  I know if I can stick to my schedule of 10 rows every night, I will finish the scarf with 1 week to spare.  Since I am about 1 week ahead right now,  I have a bit of breathing room.  However, I am always afraid that I will fall behind, then something will happen that makes it hard for me to find time to knit on this.  This project is definitely NOT social knitting.  I can listen to podcasts, or even have a movie on, (one that I don't need to look at), but because the yarn is so fine (laceweight), I have to wear my magnifying glasses.  Also, I need to have my chart enlarged as big as possible.  When I work on it too late at night, I get confused about which way I am reading the chart (left to right for the back side - or wrong side, and right to left for the front  - or right side).  Sometimes I even forget which color is the MC (main color) and which is the CC (contrast color).  I had better be laying down lots of new neurons with each row of this scarf!

shaping the planet free from spiders in the Mirkwood

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