Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why the Name?

April 27, 2011
I started my first blog without explaining the title.  Why?  No explanation because I assume this will be more of a diary than a shared experience, so, why explain to myself.  However, since I am likely to forget the reason... I should say, SlowKnitter:  I knit slowly.  Seems obvious.  

I knit slowly because:
I am relatively new to knitting.
I tend to knit when I am waiting (in the carpool line, doctors' waiting rooms, at the ballet studio, etc.)
I am learning new techniques.

I could have named this blog:  SlowWriter (in fact I thought of naming it that, or SlowPoet).
I have never followed through with a journal.  Most writers keep journals, but not me.  Why not?  Well, again, not a lot of time to write, and if I am going to write, it is going to be a piece for publication.  

I am a slow writer because of my methodology:
I like to brainstorm ideas.
I work them out in my head putting nothing down on paper for sometimes months.
I let the ideas "percolate" while I do other things, walking is the best, but I percolate while doing housework, shopping, driving, cooking, etc.
When I have thought through the passage a gazillion times, I write it down.
I rewrite over the next day or so, then am done.

Since I am going to try to blog about my knitting, I am going to have to change this style for the blog.  Right now, I am going to use this blog to help me keep track of what I am learning as I knit.  This may change as I move forward in my knitting.  I hope so.

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