Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hyde Park

Prince Albert Memorial in Hyde Park
These photos are all from Hyde Park.  Moogie lives close enough that she often runs in the park.  We walked through the park to the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Princess Diana Memorial Fountain
The V & A had 2 great fiber exhibitions.  One was on medieval embroidery done in England called Opus Anglicanum.
Along the Serpentine
Another was on the history of underwear.  This had some really neat pieces, but I have to say that I did not like how it was organized.  It wasn't chronological, and it wasn't by type or function. 
Peter Pan
The final exhibit was called: You Say You Want A Revolution: Records and Rebels.  This was so much fun.

It was mixed media with film, music, memorabilia, clothing, album covers, art, writing, etc.  Of course, I loved all of the music.

Italian Gardens
And some of the memorabilia was amazing, such as lyrics to Beatles songs in their own handwriting.

view of the lawns
The videos about Civil Rights struggles in the USA were tough to watch.  It was a wonderful exhibit.

spending Christmas in London

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