Sunday, November 20, 2016

Flight delayed

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Honestly, I hate Newark Airport and sorry, but I am coming to hate United Airlines.

Our flight was delayed over an hour because the flight that needed to leave before our flight was also delayed (no reason given that I ever heard) and couldn't pull away from the gate.  So our plane had no where to park and disembark. 
             They announced "flight to seattle doesnt have an aircraft yet". By that, I hope they
             mean our plane hasnt arrived at the gate, yet.
It was as if there were no other gates in the whole airport, only our gate.  Finally, after more than an hour, we moved 3 gates down.  Our plane parked, they emptied then cleaned the plane, and we boarded.  This isn't why I hate United.  It's more that they have packed the seats in so close together, and there is absolutely no leg room.  Maybe it's because I have flown JetBlue so often the last five years that I am now used to reasonably spaced seats, but the seat placement on the United Flight seemed ridiculous.


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