Monday, January 16, 2012

Stitch Tutorial for 16-Circle Square Afghan Block part 2

Stitch Tutorial part 2
16-Circles Square by Beatriz Medina

A Giant Thank You to the Designer, Beatriz Medina, for this very cool square.  This square was published in her blog, Undisthreadness, on Wednesday, September 13, 2006.

These are EXTRA explanations to the directions on the pattern given in the above link.  I found the directions a bit confusing, so added more "steps"  and photos to explain the confusing parts. The original directions are in italics.   I did NOT design this pattern, and am writing these explanations with Beatriz Medina's knowledge and permission.

Continuing on with Row 2 (explained with photos in part 1):

*Make a quarter circle.  Skip 2 st on chain, 3 dc in same st, skip 2 st, 1 ss all in the chain. This is in the corner and not attached to one of the 4 center circles:

Make next  half-circle
skip 2 st, 3 dc in the next st in the chain

Remove hook from loop in chain, and insert it in the 7th dc of the upper right circle of the first row
counting forwards or clockwise from where the circle connects with a ss.  This is the sidemost dc in the circle, and pull loop through. Make a ss.
4dc in the same stitch you made the previous 3dc (1 half-circle made)
skip two base chains, ss,
skip two st in the base chain; make another half-circle, by making 3 dc in chain,

remove hook from loop and join it to the third circle of the first row by
inserting it in the 4th dc of the bottom right circle of the first row counting clockwise this time from the center ss on the right side, and pulling the loop through : 
finish the half-circle with 4 dc in the same stitch where you made the last 3 dc:
 skip 2 st in chain, ss, *

Repeat from * to * one more time, continuing around the 4 circle square on the bottom and the the left side.  The final half-circle will be made in the last chain stitch.  The last ss  is made in the chain that formed the first dc of first (original) quarter circle:

Completing the 12 outer circles:

Now you will go counter clockwise (or left) around the square completing each partial (quarter or half) circle you have already formed.

Make 8 dc in the last st where you made 3 dc.  This completes the left side top circle.

ss in the last ss

Make 7 dc in the center of the next half circle moving counter clockwise around the square.

ss in the next  ss .
Complete the corner circle .  Make 11 dc in the center of the corner quarter circle.

ss in the next ss

Complete each circle this way, adding 7 dc to each half circle and 11 to each corner quarter circle with a ss between each.
Finishing the last corner with a final ss.

 Last row:

With color 3, fix the yarn to the 4th stitch of one of the external circles

  5ch, sc in the fourth dc of the next circle

 5 ch, sc in the fourth dc of the corner circle
5ch, skip 3 dc in the same corner circle and sc in the next dc
 (sorry sideways again )

continue around the square this way making 5 ch loops with a sc in each circle (2 sc separated by a 5 chain loop in each corner circle.)

 Attach the final 5 ch loop to the first ss with a sc.

Ch 2, then make a dc row, with 5 dc on each 5 ch loop

a dc in each sc,

 and  with 2dc, 2ch, 2dc at the corners.

 Continue around the square in this manner until the last row is completed attaching to the first ch 2 with a ss

That's all.  You should have a really cool looking square.  Thanks again to Beatriz Medina and to the Block-a-Month CAL group on  Ravelry  who brought this square to my attention.
If you have any corrections, or suggestions for this tutorial, or other tutorials, please leave a comment.
and keep hooking =)


  1. Thank you so much for your tutorial! It helped so much! I had pretty much given up on this square, and you were my last home! Im just about to start writing a post about this square, and I am definitely going to mention your blog!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. I wanted to use this pattern for a granny swap but when I started doing a test square to try out the original pattern, I found the instructions seemed to be missing something. I really appreciate all the clear instructions and the clear pictures! Happy hooking!