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Tutorial for Morning Glory 12 inch Square

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Tutorial for Morning Glory 12 inch square by Teresa Kohlhoff

The 2012 Crochet Block-a-Month CAL Group on Ravelry chose the Morning Glory Square by Teresa Kohlhoff for the main square for February.

The page for this pattern on Ravelry is Morning Glory Square
Teresa J. Kohlhoff's Patterns on Ravelry are here
Her design is from the same page as the Center Heart Square by Ginger Badger we also made this month,   Heartmade Blessings

This is a very beautiful square.  It is 3-D with some raised parts, using fpdc and bpdc (front post dc, and back post dc) that cause stitches to poke up or back in the square.  This gives a very beautiful effect.

Please check out the Heartmade Blessings site.

Thanks to Teresa Kohlhoff for her beautiful design, and making it free to all of us hookers.

 The directions are pretty clear (except for a problem I ran into on Round 5), so I am mostly just posting photos of each completed round, with a very few explanation photos.

Round 1

Round 2:
Sl st around any post as to bpdc   
(with the hook at the back, insert hook forward, around a dc post, and back behind.) 

Ch 4

fpdc (yo hook, then from the front, insert hook to the back around a dc post, and to the front

make a dc

bpdc (yo hook, then from the back insert hook to front, around a dc post and back) 

make dc

Round 2 finished

Round 3: finished

Round 4: 
 Ch1 sc in same st as joining, 2 dc in next fpdc

Round 4 finished

Round 5:  
 note:  ERROR!  the directions say:  sl st into a 1st sc of the 2 scs on a fpdc   
The stitches from round 4 on the fpdc are DC!  so, since there are 2 DC in each fpdc, you sl into the 1st dc of the 2 dcs on any fpdc you choose.

for this photo, I used the 2nd square I made because the photo was more focused
Remember:  V stitch:  in a single dc =  *dc ch1 dc *

Round 5 finished

Round 6 finished

Round 7 finished

For Rounds 8, 9, 10 and 11 take the time to double check with the designer's Note and count your V's and any single dc's in each side of the square.  It is so easy to make a V when you should just have a dc, or a dc where you are supposed to make a V.

Round 8:   
Remember:  V stitch = dc ch1 dc
Designer's Note:  1dc, 5 V sts, 1 dc between each corner group.
Round 8 finished

Round 9:   
Designer's Note (I'm adding this):  7 Vsts between each corner group
Round 9 finished

Round 10:  
Designer's Note: 1dc, 7 Vsts, 1 dc Between each corner group
My note: The single dc that is not part of a V 
is in the last of the corner dc's then again 
in the first of the corner dc's.

Round 10 finished

Round 11: 
Designer's Note:  9 V sts between corners.  

Round 12:  
Note:  Seems a bit under 12", so I am doing this row in dc instead of sc with 5 dc in each corner.


I am making 2 afghans.  One for my youngest son, Luke, and the other for my 2nd youngest, James.  I love how the fpdc and bpdc make a star effect in the centers of these squares.

Thank you again, Teresa Kohlhoff for such a fun design.

Hope you enjoy making it.  If anyone has corrections or comments please let me know here, or send me a message in Ravelry.

Good night for now!

saving the planet one afghan block at a time

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